Short Story: “Ladies Requirements”

    Here are four ladies discussing their future spouses’ characteristics that they desire.

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    “See ladies, mine ain’t difficult at all. All I need is a man working in an oil company, or one of the other multinationals. After all my suffering since birth, I wouldn’t want my children to go through such please. Never!” Jennifer the first lady said, adjusting her trousers up.

    “Well, for me I think I will be very selective. He must be as handsome as Majid Michell or Ramsey Noah. Otherwise, the guy must have met the wrong lady. Please!” Elizabeth, the second lady said as she continued chewing her gum.

    “Yes oh. I’m very particular about beauty too. He must be very handsome please. Imagine I end up marrying who is not handsome coupled with my current condition. We might end up having another Obasanjo or Taribo West” Precious, the third lady added with all sincerity.

    “Who has beauty helped in this country? Spare me the stories please. Without enough money in his pocket which must reflect vividly in the car he drives or house he owns, he ain’t getting any close to me. He should have a minimum of two vehicles. So that I can have at least one to inherit immediately after marriage or he buys me a new one.” Jennifer, the first lady happily said again this time fanning herself with her hands.

    “Well, my opinion is, it’s the characteristics we have that we will attract though. So there is clearly no need setting up some unnecessary standards and characteristics for my future husband. I should rather work on myself to be the kind of husband I want to marry. If I want a wealthy man, then I should start working on being wealthy. I think every other characteristic follows that basic logic. This life shouldn’t be more difficult than it currently is. Please!” Shade, the last lady said.

    “Well, of course you are entitled to your opinion. You just said yours while we said ours. For me, in addition, He must be very strong too. He should be able to satisfy me sexually. By that I mean, anytime, anyday, anywhere. Otherwise his security man will end up performing his marital duty on me on his behalf. I honestly do not play with that at all.” Jennifer said adjusting her breast this time around.

    “Yes oh. I agree with Jennifer on this one. There is no time. The satisfaction of my sexual drives is second to none. That’s why we must even carry out some microphone testing before the actual marriage, to avoid stories that touch the kidney later on. I don’t want to discover that my man cannot do his work very well after marriage. I should test him first before we even start. That’s why I for one never support sex should be only after marriage, I should know now by testing. After marriage kor.” Elizabeth said as she hissed out loud.

    Laughing out so loud, Precious said “You guys are so hilarious. You have no element of shame in you. Chia!” “At least, am not this bad. If my hubby cannot perform as he should or claims he is too busy, I would end up satisfying myself on my own then. What then is the use of a vibrator? Precious added without remorse.

    “See ladies, let’s be guided oh. Money, beauty, sexual satisfaction, and all those other things are not the main thing we should be on the lookout for in a spouse. They are necessary but not necessities.” Shade said trying to respond to all they have said so far.

    “On the issue of money, we can actually help our spouse to be more successful. Behind every successful man, a woman is always there to help. These are not just things we wish for.” Shade said addressing the issue of money.

    “On the issue of beauty, you need to cherish your man and make him believe he is handsome even when you clearly know he is not. Let him feel like a king. If you want to be treated like a Queen, you must also treat him like a King too. You can convince a man who looks like Taribo West, to think he is Ramsey Noah. The power is just in your tongue.” Shade added addressing the issue of beauty.

    “Lastly, on the issue of sex, see ladies, let’s be guided. Sex is not food. It was never and we can never make it become that. You will be satisfied if you wait for your right man. It’s due to your previous experimentation, that’s why you can actually know when a man ain’t satisfying you. That’s the reason ladies are advised to wait and stick with one partner. If you were to have sex for the first time in marriage, you won’t have a standard to compare it with. So tendencies are sexual satisfaction would be an issue.” Shade finally said.

    But of course, as earlier said, she was entitled to her own opinion. All she said, fell on deaf ears………..

    Fast forward, Shade married Richard a Medical Doctor at 26. At 30 she already had two kids. She was a fashion designer herself.

    Meanwhile, none among the other of her three friends were close to such.

    At 36, Jennifer was still looking for that man that is very wealthy, all to no avail. At 41 she finally settled with Alhaji Bella as the third wife.

    At 38, Elizabeth was able to marry a boxer whom she thinks would be able to satisfy him. At 43, Mr. Boxer had lost his strength to the ring fight and couldn’t perform anymore during the inner fight. Luckily she already had two kids. But now, she would have to stoop so low for the gateman as she had purposed in her heart from the beginning.

    At 39 Precious was still searching for his Majid Michelle and Ramsey Noah. All the guys that came her way seem to be Taribo West to her. She finally settled with a 24 years old boy.

    Point is perception is always different from reality. You don’t always see it as you want. Sometimes, you need to build it yourself. Ladies may have different requirements, but guys have just these – a God fearing lady with good character. Others are added advantages.

    THE END!!!

    Written By @Evans Uhunoma








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