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Dress tips: Ever heard the adage- first impression last longer? Believe us when we say, this quote should keep ringing in your head as you prepare to meet your inlaws. What should you wear?

What outfit guarantees that you look decent, homely and responsible? These tips are what you should have in mind as you pick out what to wear:

1. Your hairstyle is very important

You do not want to have a hair that makes you look like a rainbow or you look like some war has been fought on your hair, the hair should be neat, well packed and you should go with moderate style, colour and length.

2. Avoid too clingy dresses

If you are trying to wear something that is $exy, please avoid the tight extremely body con dresses.

You should do something slightly clingy, you do not want your body to be the center of concentration through out the conversations and visit.

3. Avoid ripped jeans

Even if you want to do jeans, please do not do ripped jeans, yes, we know you want to be trendy and fashionable but our parents do not still understand why people should walk on the street wearing a torn jean, so go for a normal jean, and please avoid the extremely tight ones.

4. Ankara would be a lovely option

You can also decide that you want to do ankara, this has a way of giving you the traditional look, it is a good idea for what to wear to the mother-in-laws house, but you can also go wrong if you go and choose a short style or one that has some kind of revealing cuts.

5. Avoid tube dresses and cleavage revealing blouses.

If you want to do gown, its advisable not to do tube gown especially if you are on the E- F cup size, because this would cause too much attention to your upper area and you do not want to start feeling uncomfortable and trying to pull the tube up, especially if its elastic kind of material. It is highly advisable to do a gown that you can be very comfortable in.

6. Avoid heavy makeup

Please and please, avoid too loud makeup. Let your makeup be simple, in Nudde or neutral tones and not in flashy colours.

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