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    Nigerian singer and nudist, Caroline Sam, popularly known as Maheeda, has said that she is disgusted at what men do with her pictures.

    According to the self-acclaimed s3x goddess, men send her videos of them masturbating with her images and blame her for it.

    Maheeda also revealed that she’s had s3x in public places such as a public restroom and on the beach.

    According to Punch, she was happy to build her brand. She said,“I would not lie, I am aware that some men m@sturbate with my pictures online; but personally, it disgusts me.”

    “I would be very honest that it disgusts me because they send me some videos of them doing it and telling me that it is what I caused. To be honest, I caused it so there is nothing I can do about it.”

    “I like the fact that my brand is built on s3x. I love it and it feels like a dream to me because in Nigeria, s3x is still seen as a taboo.”

    “I feel that we need to be more open and educate our children about it. I may not be going about it the right way because nobody is perfect; but hopefully, I would perfect my act.”

    “The craziest s3xual thing I have done is to have s3x in the restroom and on the beach. There was a time I did it in the restroom and the other ladies were waiting in line to use the restroom.”

    “The time I did it at the beach, it was very crazy because people were passing by. I don’t know which was crazier between the two but I think both were crazy.”

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