“My Wedding Night” Story Series! (Episode 5)

    On getting to the police headquarters, i was taken to the detective’s office where i stayed and nervously waited for him while he entered another office with the white lawyer. He came in about fifteen minutes later, smiling calmly.

    “i’m really sorry things got so bad as to bring you back here. Your husband’s family are trying everything possible to make you pay, but don’t worry, investigation has commenced. I’m already working on a theory. You should also know that i have seized the travelling passports of every one of them that spent the night in that house. You shouldn’t worry about anything, the culprit will be caught. I equally had a good cell prepared for you” he said seriously, while tears dropped from my eyes. I couldn’t imagine myself spending the night in a police cell no matter how comfortable it was made to look.

    “one more thing. I need to hear the whole truth from you since you want me by your side. That’s all i ask” the officer added curiously, drawing out another shock from me.

    “what do you mean by the whole truth?” i gasped, while he smiled.

    “you see, that’s one problem with Nigerian women. You all like keepings secrets even in a terrible condition. You have a cop trying to help you, the least you can do is to come out clean with him. I spoke with some of your colleagues today and their answers were quite shocking. Most of them said that your relationship and marriage to late Damian wasn’t ordinary. So you got to tell me things i need to know since you want me by your side” he pushed on while i swallowed hard and fought with myself.

    The officer wanted me to open up something well buried in my heart, a secret i told no one.

    “How do i go about it?” i wondered.

    “i know you didn’t commit the murder but you have to help me unravel many things. What made Damian marry you so quickly, you guys had just a short Romance and Mr Damian i was told messed up a lot of ladies in the company before getting to you. Something made him marry you??, don’t tell me it was love, i have reason to believe something else was involved, even after the threats and reports you got, never for a moment did you guys quarrel. Please don’t use the love bullshit on me. I need the truth?” he pushed on seriously.

    There wasn’t any doubt the officer did a good background check on me but digging deep into my relationship with Damian was only going to deteriorate matters for me. Some things are better left buried and unsaid but looking at his eyes, i saw curiousity and eagerness to know all about the hidden truth…

    “My Wedding Night” continues after your comment……

    QUESTION: What do you think is the hidden truth? Is it proper for her to spend the night in the prison cell?








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