“My Wedding Night” Story (Episode 4)

    As we got up to leave, i passionately pleaded to the detective to help me out. “seriously i have no hand in my husband’s death. You have to help me. You have to do something” I pleaded desperately.

    “as long as you are innocent, you have no problem with me. I’m a good cop. I promise to get to the bottom of this case” The middle aged officer promised while my brother smiled with relief. “now you are talking officer. Don’t let them intimidate or stop you from doing the right thing” he advised as they shook hands.

    On our way out of the force headquarters, my brother held me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear. “you have to be strong my dear. Everything happens for a purpose. Please you have to be strong when facing our parents, they are very devastated” he begged quietly while more tears fell from my eyes. I really didn’t know how to face my old parents, especially mum who braved her sickness to witness my wedding ceremony.

    Nevertheless, we first headed to Damian’s house after leaving the police headquarters in order to pick up my things, but on getting to the house, we were stopped by four policemen who told us that they had orders not to allow anyone pick up even a pin from the house.

    “madam this place is now a crime scene. You can come back tomorrow to pick your things. As for now we have orders not to allow anybody pick up anything from the house” one of the officers said, leaving me speechless.

    “i think it’s a good development. A piece of evidence might still be lying around who knows. The police are really correct with this decision” My brother’s lawyer said in agreement. And so we had no choice than to turn back and head to my brother’s house where every member of my family was waiting for me. It really was such a painful scene as every one of them cried on sighting me, especially my poor mother who sobbed uncontrollably. “this marriage was just a huge mistake. oh no” she cried painfully.

    However another big development occurred at exactly 5pm when detective Jeremiah showed up once again with a team of policemen and a white man who looked like a lawyer to arrest me.

    “i’m sorry, the order came from the I.G’s office. It has nothing to do with me” he said as a handcuff was thrown round my wrists, putting my entire family into another wave of shock. My brother as usual tried to defend me by creating a scene but had to shut up when the white lawyer threatened to arrest him as an accomplice in the murder charge I was facing.

    “don’t worry, I will protect you” the detective whispered to my ear as he led me away. This time, there wasn’t anything to save me from cooling off in a police cell.

    “My Wedding Night” continues after your comment……

    Written by Nkemjika Valentine


    God will help u







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