Man Gives Conditions Wife-to-be Must Adhere To Strictly

    A Twitter user has given the terms and conditions by which his wife-to-be must adhere before they get married.

    The man put out a lengthy note that contains terms and conditions by which his wife-to-be must adhere before they get into “partnership”.

    According to him, it could either be a paid partnership or not, depending on her choice. lol

    He states that there would be a contractual agreement between them. They would have kids, either by artificial insemination or via sex. However, their kids must not be aware of their contract.

    He promises to be a good father to the kids. In an event that both parties agree to have sex, they both will have to get tested. Divorce is, however, not an option.

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    “I want a partner. No sex, no love talks and no “I love you” and all that romantic talk. Just agree to get married. We have kids, either sex or artificial insemination. The kids must not know of our arrangement. I’ll be a good father and a good partner. We don’t do sex unless we agree.

    I’ll be kind to you and our children will have the best life.

    You can have your lover, I don’t care. The kids must not know. It’s a breech of contract if they know. Sex is excluded but if we agree, then after we’d have to get tested and agree on when to begin because I do not want to be involved sexually with people. hence you’d have to stick to having it with me and if you want to go with your lover(s), then we are not having sex at all. I want you to be happy and sane. I won’t cage you. However, you must be a good mother.

    If you want it to be a paid partnership, then that’s fine.

    We are never doing divorce. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever! However if you decide you want out, then the door is open.


    You’d be paid to be a mother, paid travels, and vacation

    We live in Canada or the peaceful part of Europe. I don’t want guns and stupid laws because of freedom. However our children will live a good part of their lives in Nigeria because they have work to do and we are raising them to be leaders.

    You won’t be a stay-at-home mom

    You’ll be whatever you choose to be, even if you want to stay at home. If you fall in love with me at any point, my dear, that’s on you and I cannot help you. I’ll never be mean to you by the way and you’re most likely going to get whatever you want from me. Just know that I no longer have the ability to bond emotionally and I do not want you to suffer because I can’t form an attachment towards you. I will live my best life too! You have to be a good Christian too! If that prevents you from having a lover outside, then fine.

    I don’t have strength to explain how emotionally disconnected I can be… Please be endowed, I am a fine man and I don’t want any less for my babies. I am very well interested in your emotional wellbeing, I am just not capable of emotional entanglements.

    I will love the children no doubt!

    By the way, You get to travel every year with the kids to anywhere you want! If available, I’ll be with you guys. Yeah I assure you, I’ll make a good partner and a great father.

    If this does not work for me, I’d prefer surrogates with good genes!

    Lastly we will be friends… Very good friends!
    Just not into all that emotional thing! You can do that with someone else, just not me.”

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