Short Story: Fried Breakfast

    So one day I fought with my Dad because he was against the wife I brought home. He didn’t hide it. He kept saying;

    “If you want to last, don’t marry her.”

    I laughed and lashed some insults at him before I left. I don’t understand why he rejected her, after sending him the beautiful Queen’s picture for over a month. I’m not surprised, he did the same to Chisom. She went ahead and got pregnant. I am not going to do that, I am going to dissociate myself from him.

    I met my wife in church. Aside from being a child of God, I have never thought of losing someone so young.

    We had two kids and God blessed us with everything we needed; money and properties.

    You want to ask where is my mum, right? My mum died two years after I was born. I was raised by my stepmom. She was hostile to us, and my Dad never cared. This is the time for revenge.

    I never knew my wife had cancer until her last two weeks when she told her doctor to tell me. At first, I felt betrayed and shattered. I was about to lose the best thing I have in my life.

    Her lawyer; Bar. Martins was very supportive of the welfare of the kids while I tried to liberate my wife from that traumatic ending. But unfortunately, she didn’t make it. I was crushed at last.

    I invested all my money into my wife’s real estate business, as she was more proficient than me. I permitted her and the lawyer to operate the whole thing, while I just do the administrative work and also run errands for her. I chose to be at the backstage while she remains the face of the business.

    Immediately after she departed, the lawyer stopped coming to our house. Then, he stopped calling me about any business deals that have to do with my properties. He only sends me a monthly allowance like a schoolboy.

    The first thing I discovered a few days before my wife’s death was that I saw a huge amount of money moved from her account. The account was in our first son’s name. I kept it to myself. I shouldn’t have.

    During that time, my Dad still tried to reach me, but I barred him on all our social media, boycotted family engagements and everything that has to do with him. What I did not know was that the old man was dying. All my siblings also tried to settle our rift, but I refused to show up at the house.

    Well, that doesn’t stop me from sending him money at the end of every month.

    I stopped receiving alerts on my wife’s phone as there was no money left in her account. I confronted them, and I was told they acted on my wife’s instruction. The 15 million naira I invested in the business were my life savings. I had nothing to fall back to. I was broken, knocked down and shattered to pieces.

    My wife was the decider of every need in the house. I took permission from her before I was able to change my car.

    Now, I am left with nothing. But, Bar. Martins stood with us. He was assisting me to pay my kids’ school fees. He stopped coming to the house. I was living in self-denial.

    Six months after my wife’s demise, the 200k monthly allowance also stopped. It was then I knew I was in trouble. I thought about my investment, the return, and my share in the business. How could everything just stop like that? I plan to investigate the matter and meet with the lawyer.

    After calling Br. Martins for weeks without any response, I decided to visit him. I didn’t suspect anything until I got to his chamber.

    The chamber where Bar. Martins work belongs to my uncle.

    As soon as my uncle saw me, he landed a slap on my face. And told me that I deserve whatever that befell me. I didn’t understand until he revealed everything to me. Ah, the devil can be the meekest person on Earth.

    I am not angry that the owner of the real estate was Bar. Martins.

    It still did not pain me that both the lawyer and my wife were in a relationship years before we met and even after we got married.

    I am a little bothered because the two kids belong to Bar. Martins. My last born looks so much like him. I thought it was because he was close to the family.

    My eyes don clear.

    I am not surprised that the account my wife was using in which I deposited my hard-earned 15 million naira belongs to the lawyer.

    But the last one broke me to pieces. She willed all other properties that belonged to us to the lawyer.

    My uncle revealed that my Dad caught the duo romping in the office once. He never forgot her face. He tried to tell me, but I was too blinded by love. I should have listened to him. Now, he’s gone.

    The only thing I gained from the eight years of marriage was a car. Lawyer Martins sold the house I stayed in too.

    No paperwork indicated my investment in that business. I lost everything.

    I think karma doesn’t work again. Even thunder doesn’t strike like before. If they still exist as I was made to believe, Lawyer Martins would cease to exist.

    My hard-headedness finished me.

    My name is Amusan Tolulope, and I am an impeccable writer.








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