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    Akpos Sad Experience - Episode 1 Jokes Etc.

    Na now I know why dem talk say before you use anything, be it electronic gadget or cream, make sure you read the manual or the direction on how to use.

    I enter my neighbor room this afternoon, naim I see one cream ontop of him table, and the cream come resemble hair relaxer.

    One of my RepNaija friend promised to come visit me tomorrow, na im I carry the cream rub for hair, unto say make I relax my hair so that e go curl like pastor chris own, just to look good.

    I rub the cream for head, rub for my beads even rub for eyebrow.

    I sit down dey wait make my hair curl before I go wash the cream comot.

    As I dey wait, naim one mind say make I even read wetin dem write for the body of the cream.

    My people, tears comot for my eyes when I discover say na Hair Remover naim I carry rub for head, for beads and even for eyebrow.

    I think say na joke until all the hair wey dey my head begin fall one by one like fowl wey dem put for hot water.

    As I dey talk to you so, I come resemble person wey dem be wan take do ritual, wey escape.

    My problem now be say …… How me wan take convince my RepNaija friend wey wan visit me tomorrow say na me be Akpos.

    Because right now …. Am not the guy I used to know…. Am the shadow of myself.

    THE END!!!

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Re: Akpos Sad Experience – Episode 1 by habeebat: 1:24 pm On April 21, 2018

    dat 1 na stupidity

Re: Akpos Sad Experience – Episode 1 by Adeyemi Toby: 1:57 pm On April 23, 2018

    Kikikikikikikiki….9ja People eh

Re: Akpos Sad Experience – Episode 1 by EBENEZER CHINEMEREM: 12:53 pm On September 8, 2018


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